Encaustic Tiles

Our cement encaustic tiles are handmade using traditional methods that date back over a century. The tiles are made one by one using a hydraulic press, wax and water-curing process which provides an undeniably authentic finished product. These unique tiles can be seen in many parts of the world, in both heritage as well as contemporary buildings.

The traditional production process creates both beauty and character. This process also means each tile is unique. With the nature of handmade tiles comes slight imperfections. These irregularities provide these tiles with gorgeous personality and an artisanal quality. The beautiful colours are mixed by hand and will always vary slightly. Salt deposits called efflorescence may appear on the tiles and give the interesting variations in colour.

Whether used for a wall or a floor these tiles are guaranteed to add character to your dream space. We look forward to you visiting our studio and finding out if these are the right tiles for your project. 

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta translated from Italian is “baked earth,” 

Terracotta is a natural material; meaning its imperfections is what gives them their beauty. The tile colour typically varies from a light yellow to a dark brown with a wide range of reddish hues between. The colour is determined by the location where the clay is obtained.

 For those who love and appreciate the Art of the handmade, character flaws such as pits, cracks and chipped edges are embraced, and the magic of their imperfection comes alive.

Moroccan Handmade Tiles

Our expansive range of Moroccan tiles reflect both our appreciation and support of this craft and recognition of their timeless appeal.

Authentic Moroccan tiles are 100% hand-crafted based on centuries of tradition and characterised by their irregularities and imperfections. Tiles will vary in colour, shade, tone and sizes and display pits, cracks and chipped edges.

Every tile is hand chiseled out of the glazed terracotta biscuit to create their shape.

Marble Mosaics